We sincerely believe that good safety performance is based on of the leading indicators of a well managed, efficient and profitable operation.

We will develop, implement and maintain an up-to-date safety and health program consistent with what we believe to be the best established management practices in a sincere effort to prevent the pain, suffering and economic losses attributable to accidents.

We realize that accident prevention is a shared responsibility and in order to achieve our goal, all employees must work together to identify and eliminate or control the hazards present in our work environment.

In pursuit of this goal, the Company will go to any reasonable expense to:

  • Train all employees in good safety and health practices.
  • Provide necessary personal protective equipment and instruction for its use and care.
  • Investigate every accident, promptly and thoroughly, to find out what caused it and to correct the problem so that it won’t happen again.

It is the employee’s responsibility to:

  • Carry out their activities in the most knowledgeable and safest manner thereby avoiding injury to themselves or fellow employees;
  • To point out unsafe conditions and acts;
  • To use all devices and wear all articles of clothing and personal protective equipment specified in the company Safety Rules, Safe Job procedures and the Workplace Safety and Health Act.

Any accident is a reflection that, somewhere, we have failed in our responsibilities. We trust that all of you will co-operate fully and join us in a personal commitment to make safety a way of life.

The safety information in this policy does not take precedence over The Workplace Safety and Health Act or the Regulations.